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Yes, you. I'm talking to you. It's nice to meet you. 

I am Dakinya Jefferson , but my friends call me Kinya . I am from a twin city that's Twice As Nice ,called Texarkana , but currently reside in the Dallas Metro. I am the mother of one child, a son; his name is Champion , and I am a lover of all people. I take great pride in being a recent High School graduate of the Higher Heights Adult Academy. I am from the era of  " NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND", yet I, like many a more, was left behind. While left behind I was exposed to the life of poverty which surrounded me. I witnessed first had the lack of everything, despair, mental stress, conflict, temptation, friends going to jail for drug dealing and other crimes and knowing that was not the life I wanted nor was intended for me.

Somehow I always knew I was destined for something greater. My mama said and I read it the Bible, "the greatest among us are the servants." People always seemed to want to keep me close to wait on them and serve them in some capacity or another. The Thing about it was , I really didn't mind helping, but I realized focusing on so many was keeping me at a stand still which turned from minutes, to hours, then days to months then years to decades. Every where I looked be it North, South, East, or West I saw too many of my peers lives destroyed and even snuffed out at young ages. I was depressed because I saw my life moving in a never ending circle of nothingness. Then one day, while pursuing educational opportunities, I encountered a social worker at a DARS program who told me that they have done all they are going to do for me, and that they would not be paying for me to further my education. I told her I want a career not a job because with a career I will not have to keep coming back for help. She told me to go work as a housekeeper, do laundry or be dishwasher or something. I was upset, but not letting the tears fall from my eyes as I told her told " it may not be today tomorrow ,or even a year from now, but I will get my education and I will come back and show you how to render right customer service or even hire you because one day you're gonna need a job." I told her she's in the wrong profession. As  I walked out the door I prayed, decided to acknowledge Yah ( God ) in all my ways and formulated a plan in my mind. I discovered I had a learning disability that the school systems failed to detect and resolve. Through faith & perseverance I am able to talk to you today , not as one being ashamed or afraid of my past but, as one who is happy and humble to say " I made it through so with the Almighty's guidance, I am positioning myself to extend a Texas Roundup for A Hand Up for District 30. Aint no shame in my game. Who I AM and what I AM about is being... the voice for all who need to be heard. 

As a self employed business woman I've had the privilege's of being a caretaker, cashier cook, Customer service Rep, Uber driver, maid, Housekeeper, janitor, and giver of numerous forms of personal service. I am a natural born lover of people , God and country. Having great experience in ministering to the needs of others ,I've often involved myself in community service. I have worked with homeless people for years and take special interest in their plight. No one should be homeless cause there is no place like home and it is a basic human right to have a house.  I take the lead in finding solutions and bringing people together. 

I naturally look out for others and am often found talking for, fighting for, and finding solutions for others and their problems; it comes natural for me. I meet no strangers. I have always been involved in taking care of the elderly and mentally challenged. From childhood I always found some elderly person to go and assist. Way back then I would fight ( physically ) for the underdogs and ones being bullied. As a matter of fact my life long best friend was a victim of a bully. I stood up for her and we've been friends ever since.

I have also been the clean up woman; unafraid of messes, I clean up ! I get things done! Additionally I have worked as an armed security Officer so I am very familiar with observing, detecting, deterring, and reporting situations, so as a congress woman I will do the same.

I am running to Wake YOU Up ! Wise YOU Up! So YOU can Rise Up ! and Take Your Power Back. Your constitutional rights!

I have ears which listen to people so I will certainly listen to you when you elect to hire me to work for you. I am the best qualified because I am the candidate who truly cares about you. I may not be your first choice because I am not running as a Democrat. I may not be your second choice because I am running as a Republican ,but I am absolutely your right choice because I stand for righteousness and right doing. I have a genuine concern for the people and will serve with my heart. ( mind ) when elected. I am an effective communicator with negotiation skills ; an added plus is that I am the peacemaker. I am skilled in security having been an armed guard and I know how to serve. I understand that I am running to work for you and I cant wait to serve you ! Please allow me the awesome responsibility, duty and privilege's of serving you by casting your vote for Kinya For Congress. 

Thanks You &  Blessings Be Unto You And Yours.

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